SWITCH! Portrait Game- March 25th

This week at the Boys and Girls Club we played a portrait game titled “Switch”. This game was designed in order to have the children interact with one another through portraiture. One side of the table stays still while the person across the table begins to draw them with a limited amount of time (such as 15 seconds). When the timer goes off, the people who were drawing, move one seat over to the right and continues the drawing the other person started. When everyone has gone, the people who were being drawn, now will start the game over, only this time, they are the ones who will be drawing the other person across the table. Sounds confusing? Well its not! Try it for yourself and comment your results and experience with this portrait game. Now Switch!


1. Have an even amount of kids and make sure someone is sitting in front of another student.
2. Pass out a sheet of drawing paper to the students on the right of the table that will do the drawing.3. Set a timer for 15 seconds and instruct the children to draw the person infront of them.
4. When the timer goes off, each person on the right side of the table will move over one seat to the right. Call out Switch!
5. Instruct the children to continue the other persons drawing.
6. Continue the game until the children are seated in the same seat they started off.
7. Continue steps 1-6, only this time, the people who were being drawn (the models) will now draw the other students.


Results: The kids were really excited once they got the hang of the game and understood the instructions. The kids were joking and interacting with each person they would drawn and really had a great time. The timing mechanism really added to the game and made it a success!

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Who’s got a beat? – April 1st

MUSIC DAY! Today the students used recycled materials to create musical instruments. There was an array of materials for the kids to chose from and we all took turns to start a beat and for each student to add on to the beat that the last person created.

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This week, the kids started to finish up their city with decorative items  with paint and recycled materials. It was very fun to watch the kids continue to develop their projects and to see the final results. The Re-Imagine project will be displayed in the Art gallery at Florida Atlantic University exhibition “ImageMakers”.


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March 8th- ImageMakers Opening Reception

This week was the opening reception of ImageMakers featuring photography by children from the 13 Boys & Girls Clubs in Palm Beach County. These children, ages 6 to 17, learn photography skills and take photographs during scheduled club field trips. More than 7,500 children participate in the Boys & Girls Clubs program. The Boys & Girls Club is the country’s largest not-for-profit youth development organization dedicated to serving youth from 6 to 18 years of age, particularly those from disadvantaged circumstances. The organization offers children opportunities to engage in artistic and culturally beneficial experiences.

“ReImagining Our City” is a project that began with viewing the work of Ugandan artist, Ruganzu Bruno Tusingwire, who transforms plastic waste into parks and playgrounds. The teens mapped the city of Belle Glade by memory and from their own perspective. Next, they chose locations that they wanted to build out of the recycled materials and re-designed existing buildings, while also creating new places to visit.

The “heads” you see in the exhibit are from a session when the teens explored wearable art inspired by contemporary artist Nick Cave.

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February 10th – Re-Imagine

RE-IMAGINE! What if you could rebuild your city? This week, the kids worked together to build their city in a fantastical world. We used many materials to re-create a visual of Belle Glade and included activities such as map making.

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January 28- Costume Creation Part 2

This week was a continuation and building upon the projects that the kids started the previous week. This time, we broke the groups down into groups and worked together on the projects to continue to expand upon the costumes.


January 21- Costume Creation

This week we went to the Boys and Girls club to make costumes out of recycled materials. It started off with a presentation of different artists who used everyday materials to recreate anything from sound suits to newspaper dresses. The kids seemed to really enjoy the project and the idea of using simple materials to create and express themselves.



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January 14 – Book Making


For our first meeting of the  semester we made books out of recycled material such as fabrics, yarn, paper and  other  recycled items .






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October 22- Wasteland Experience


Beach day at the teen center! We turned all kinds of materials into various art works, based on the work by Vic Muniz.

October 15 – Sound Experiment Project


Experimenting with recyclable materials to make music. The beats were lively and harmonious.


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